Looking for the best winter flowering plants? Here in this video, I have covered about Top 10 winter flowering plants that are perfect to grow containers or pots. If you are a beginner gardener, you would love growing these plants at your home.

It’s really difficult to select the 10 best plants for winter season. So, I selected them based on 2 conditions –

1. I have selected only those plants which bloom for many more days. So, plants like that bloom only once per season, is not in the list. I believe, this would help the beginner gardeners to make informed decision.

2. Plants that need less maintenance and care so that beginner gardeners don’t have struggle too much. I haven’t included plant like Geranium as it needs bit more care comparing to the plants I have included in the list.

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Just watch the video and please let me know if you get any issue while growing them. I am always here to help you when needed. Thank you very much for watching 🙂

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